Why Storage?

February 18th, 2020

10 common Reasons:

  1. Renovating Your Existing Home
  2. Moving to a New Home
  3. Changes in Relationship Status
  4. A Safe Place for Equipment or Vehicles
  5. You’re Often in Transit
  6. Storing Business Inventory or Archives
  7. Simply Running Out of Space
  8. Selling your home (DE-cluttering)
  9. Unfortunate a death in your family (put it in storage until feelings are not so overwhelming, then go thru things)
  10. Seasonal Items
Reasons to Use a Self-Storage Unit

Compared to other options such as renovating an existing building or renting additional rooms, self-storage units provide an economical alternative for people and businesses wishing to keep their assets and belongings in a secure location that’s protected from the environment.


2-3 Rooms: Sofas, Mattress Sets, Dining Room, Armchairs, Multiple boxes.

  • Great for Patio items not in use.
  • Musical Instruments. Perfect in our Climate Controlled Units
  • Seasonal items (rotate items for each season. Find your things quickly).
5 x 10 storage unit

check our website for more sizes that would be perfect for you!!